App Publisher magazine – a digital magazine for anyone who needs help publishing their content onto mobile and apps.

App Publisher magazine issue 4


App Publisher was a digital magazine published by Paul Blake on Apple’s Newsstand from January 2014-May 2015. In total six issues were published, along with four editions of the App Publisher Directory – of companies that let you create apps without having to code.

The mission of App Publisher was to encourage and inspire readers to create and publish content onto mobile and to help demystify and explore that world.

The magazine aimed to cover all aspects of moving content onto mobile – from content creation, structure and design, to app marketing, business models and customer engagement. It also covered the new breed of start-up companies that let non-technical people build apps and digital magazines without having to code – covering their developments, talking to their CEOs about their plans, and reviewing their services.

This website offers some pieces from the magazine and more will be loaded up in time.

Read Paul Blake’s Lessons learnt from my App Publisher detour about his experiences in publishing and running a digital magazine.

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