App Publisher magazine is a digital magazine for anyone who needs help publishing their content onto mobile and apps.

App Publisher magazine issue 4


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Our mission is to encourage and inspire you to create and publish content onto mobile and to help demystify and explore that world.

We cover all aspects of moving content onto mobile – from content creation, structure and design, to app marketing, business models and customer engagement. We also cover the new breed of start-up companies that let you build apps and digital magazines without having to code – covering their developments, talking to their CEOs about their plans, and reviewing their services.

Our magazine is published quarterly, as is our App Publisher Directory – of companies that let you create apps without having to code.

  • Free one week trial with a subscription, then USD $1.99 every month.
  • Single issues USD $4.99.
  • Available on both iPad and iPhone via Apple Newsstand. Android, web and Kindle editions coming soon.

How to Publish a Magazine App Even If You’re Not Technical – App Publisher magazine’s Editor & Publisher Paul Blake is interviewed by Mobile App Chat’s Steve P Young.

Out now

The Autumn Edition of the App Publisher Directory listing 117 companies focussed on helping you publish digital magazines and content into mobile apps without needing a developer.

Also out now Issue 4

- Michael Schneider, Mobile Roadie’s co-founder and CEO, talks to Paul Blake about the launch of the company, how the mobile landscape has changed and his advice for the app builders of today.

- The huge adoption of smartphones is changing the publishing world in a fundamental way, according to Hearst Magazines‘ Digital Strategy Director, Rebecca Miskin.

- People want to read on smartphones and they will on wearables as well, according to Nathan Meyer, organiser of London’s Digital Publishing Innovation Summit.

- Paul Blake talks to Glenn Fleishman, Editor & Publisher of The Magazine, about his decision to abandon his own publishing platform, in favour of a move to TypeEngine.

- How and when publishers pull the plug on print editions in favour of digital says a lot about their strategies, argues Talking New Media‘s Douglas Hebbard.

- Dotyk is the Czech Republic’s sole tablet only magazine. We speak to Publisher Michal Klima and Editor-in-Chief Eva Hanakova about the project, their greatest challenges and their tips for other digital publishers.

- Push notifications can hold the key to greater app engagement – but only if you focus on the analytics, argues Dorothy Creaven, CEO of Element Wave.


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