App Publisher magazine is a digital magazine for anyone who needs help publishing their content onto mobile and apps.

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Our mission is to encourage and inspire you to create and publish content onto mobile and to help demystify and explore that world.

We cover all aspects of moving content onto mobile – from content creation, structure and design, to app marketing, business models and customer engagement. We also cover the new breed of start-up companies that let you build apps and digital magazines without having to code – covering their developments, talking to their CEOs about their plans, and reviewing their services.

We publish monthly. Our magazine is published seven times a year, and our App Publisher Directory – of companies that let you create apps without having to code – is published quarterly. We also publish a ‘free format’ issue once a year, which allows us to experiment with different content approaches and formats.

  • Free one week trial with a subscription, then USD $1.99 every month.
  • Single issues USD $3.99.
  • Available on both iPad and iPhone via Apple Newsstand. Android, web and Kindle editions coming soon.

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